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Certification, Porting & Optimization

Ocelot is your one stop shop for game certification, porting, and optimization.

All three can incur wasteful spending and missed deadlines when handled by the B-team or C-team of the big name competitors in this space. And if you’re not a big name developer or publisher, you can be certain that’s who your project will be assigned to.

Here at Ocelot, the founder and senior engineer personally handle your project from start to finish. With over 10 years of experience across all major platforms and a flawless track record for hitting milestones and passing certification on the first round, you will feel at ease knowing Ocelot is on your side.

Not only do we provide you with an effortless partnership and a headache-free experience, but we will pass on our knowledge and experience to your team to ensure they can handle bugs and future challenges without us. Your success is Ocelot’s success.

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Nervous about a fast-approaching ship date? Not in the mood to waste valuable time and resources on multiple certification attempts? Count on Ocelot and our pristine record for passing certification on the first round for all major platforms regardless of whether your title is single player or multiplayer.

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Are you committed to porting your title to a new platform? Unsure about the technical requirements or how to get started? Let Ocelot alleviate your uncertainty so you can focus on your core competencies. We provide a stress-free and quality-focused experience to ensure your title is ported to any major platform bug-free.

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Optimization can feel like a never-ending headache trying to balance performance between bottlenecks. As a small studio, you want to focus on creating the best game possible for your customers while making sure it’s a smooth experience. Let us take the headache out and make it a smooth experience while you focus on making the best game possible.

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If our words gave you confidence in getting the job done, get in touch with us and let’s figure out if your project is a good fit for our team at Ocelot. And even if it’s not, we’ll point you in the right direction. We look forward to hearing from you!