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Certification is the last critical milestone you need to meet before your game can be released on any platform. And every platform has their own set of technical requirements. If you’re running a small studio with a fast approaching ship date, do you have the time and expertise to thoroughly understand the requirements for each console, prepare your title to meet them, and test it?

That’s where Ocelot comes in. We have over 10 years of experience and a flawless record of passing certification on the first round for all major platforms. The team at Ocelot provides you with a smooth and effortless certification experience. Let us save you an extra headache and your most valuable resource: time.

Porting Drop Shadow



Porting is a labor-intensive process that requires specific knowledge and skills. And in the world of game development, time is never on our side. So if you don’t already possess the knowledge and skills to port your game, why not leverage an expert who can confidently get you through the process with a personal touch?

We at Ocelot know our way around the technical limitations and documentation for all major platforms. We show you ahead of time where a game will encounter issues in the porting process and make sure all obstacles are tackled so you don’t have to worry about missing milestones.

Optimization Drop Shadow



After spending months or years of hard work bringing your dream to life, the last thing you want is for that experience to be ruined by unexpected frame rate issues. Trying to balance performance between GPU, CPU, and memory bottlenecks can feel like a neverending headache when you don’t have the experience to diagnose and solve the relevant problems.

Do you want to take on another time consuming headache? Or let a veteran jump into the weeds and take care of it for you so you can focus on the game and stay on track to meet your ship date?

Ocelot has over 10 years of experience optimizing games for a variety of frame rate and resolution budgets. Whether you’re on the cutting edge of visuals or spawning thousands of sprites, Ocelot will make your game run smooth as 4K silk.

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